Don't Get Caught With Your Pants Down!

Everyone that makes a decision to start a network marketing business should have specific reasons or (a hot button) as to why they are doing it. This might not always be about money as some people just want to have a business of their own and control their destiny. 95% of folks have no business or marketing experience at all and face an uphill battle if they don't learn about the company they are involved with. In other words "don't get caught with your pants down" if you are trying to contact someone about your business. They will want answers and will expect to talk to someone that is confident and knowledgeable. Take the time to learn about your company and then learn to market and become a solution provider.

Quixtar's Ship Is Sinking.....Jump!

If you are involved in this company and are spinning your wheels, it's not entirely your fault. If a ship is sinking you had better jump!Quixtar and Amway are always in the news and it's almost never positive. -MLM Canada

GRAND RAPIDS - A judge has ruled against direct marketing giant Quixtar Inc. in its request for a contempt finding against a group of dissident ex-distributors.

Quixtar sued the ex-distributors, saying that they must abide by confidentiality and noncompete clauses until issues with the company can be arbitrated.

In August, Kent County Circuit Judge Paul J. Sullivan issued a preliminary injunction that prohibited the ex-distributors from using their Quixtar networks for business.

Quixtar went back to court Sept. 21, saying the defendants had violated the injunction by competing against the company and by harming its reputation.

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Your Product Provides Great Benefits For Customers

People will always spend money on products and services so why not yours?!

"Your customer must realize that the satisfaction received from your product is more beneficial than the money spent." Ron Martin

Are You Lying To Your Prospects?

Far too often I come across other network marketers that are bending the truth or not telling the whole truth when it comes down to the nitty gritty of network marketing. They don't tell potential prospects that it's going to literally take blood, sweat and tears to make a big impact in the industry. Obviously they do this because they don't really care about the long term impact of their oversight. By leaving out the "details" they are shooting themselves in the foot because I can almost guarantee you that those people they lie to will quit. So do yourself a huge favor and ask the question to potential business partners "Do you have 100% desire to succeed by working hard and are your teachable?"If they aren't or they hesitate then move on and don't look back because there are so many other people that will qualify for your business.

How Many Reps Does It Take To Finanical Freedom?

"How many reps does it take to financial freedom"?
Take my advice. If you ever hear your upline say to you that you only need to find 3 or 6 reps and you will be financially free, start running in the other direction. This old school thinking makes no sense whatsoever. There is no such business where you only find a few people to work with and then stop. The fact is that not everyone you sponsor in your business has the drive and desire to be a success and many will drop out. You will always be looking for good talent to bring into your business. How many reps does it take to financial freedom? It may take you hundreds or it may take a handful. I would suggest as many as it takes! To help you become better at sponsoring and make money in the process, get your free videos here and you will have something to talk about.

The Bible Of Lead Creation

If you are a network marketer or mlm associate then you have probably been in a situation or a crossroads where you are stuck and don't know if you should quit or keep plodding on with little or no success. One of the main reasons that people give up and quit isn't because they don't have a dream. Everyone that gets involved in a network marketing business have a REASON as to why they are doing it. From financial gain to freeing up more time, whatever it is 95% of people are not getting it. If you really want the answers then go get your copy of what I call the The Bible of lead creation and see how creating your own highly qualified leads will keep you in the game and make you money!

New Blogging Home

I have not been posting here very much and have a lot on the go. I am using a great new blogging platform so come on over and check out my new home.Its a work in progress.

How Effective Is Banner Advertising?

For years people have been using banner ads to increase sales but many studies indicate that banner ads are actually overlooked when viewing a blog or web page. Placement is critical. So do you use banner ads or text only? Or a combination of the two? In the end it all comes down to what works for you. Test it, track it and tweak it. The only way is to test yourself. Here is text ad link.

MLM Managing Director arrested in Hyderabad

Here again is what not to do to become successful in MLM. Pure greed on his part. Don't they chop off your hand if you're caught stealing in India? I wonder what this guy gets?

Managing director of a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company in the city was arrested on Tuesday for illegally collecting funds to the tune of Rs 7 crore from its members.
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Where Do I Market My MLM Business?

Where Do I market my mlm business? There are many free resources you can use to promote your mlm business or affiliate programs. Here are some of them....

Digg,Technorati,you tube,social poster,ezine articles,stumble upon, do some digging around and find some your self there are hundreds of resources. Remember that some will work well and others will not. It's all about testing to see what works.

Also please do not do this: Stop pitching your business before you even talk to someone. I hate when someone from a social network that you don't even know sends you an email asking you to join their "ground floor opportunity" because it's the greatest, most lucrative business out there. (barf, puke) Converse first without bringing up your business.

Last but not least, use forums related to your industry and post useful comments and many will allow you to use a linkback to your site/blog.

now put it to use!

Check out "Thirty Day Challenge"


In a nutshell... The Thirty Day Challenge is about making your first $10 online. For a full 30 days we are going to be showing you exactly how to start your own Internet business and generate your first income online without spending a dime.

For anyone interested you can go register for free See what happens! If anyone wants to team up let me know (you will read about this later).

Don't Forget To Subscribe To My Reader

I think from time to time we need to remind readers to simply subscribe to your full RSS feed. That's it simple post.... now subscribe.

Banner Exchange Program

If anyone is interested I would like to do a test with a banner exchange program. If you have a banner and want to take part in the test let me know. We can start by exchanging banners and post them on our sites for 1 week!

Vancouver Back To Rain

In a previous post I mentioned that Vancouver is having a heat wave. Well I guess I spoke too soon because now we are back to rain and grey days. This is summer?
I have grown up in the Vancouver area and have been here my whole life and I am wondering why do we stay here? Why do people flock here? I am bound to get some flack over this post but really, what makes this city soooo great that lands it in one of the most livable cities in the world? Certainly not the weather, the expensive housing? People don't seem as friendly as they used to either? Traffic jams, yeah that's it. A large city like Vancouver whose main highway doesn't even go downtown (can you actually call the #1 a highway)? Don't get me wrong I do like living here but why do fellow Vancouverites defend this city like its the only place in the world to live? The WET COAST!

The Key To Help You Along

The key to help you along your journey is honestly right here on my blog.If you want to make it in this industry you need to get focussed. For the few people that will actually search for it they will be re rewarded by the effort they put it and the system they use to leverage their efforts....

The Importance Of Landing Pages

Have you ever wondered why your company replicated website is pretty useless as far as producing traffic? The problem is that your MLM company site is not setup to bring you traffic. Why is that? There is too much information and sometimes pages of information on these sites so it becomes overwhelming and people move on. What you need is to capture a person's attention within about 10 seconds max. or they are gone! You do this by having a single lead capture page like this one The lead capture page is a useful tool because it will only catch the attention of someone that might be interested in getting more information about your product or business. By them entering their name and email address they are asking you for information so it becomes a sorting machine that helps save time benefiting both you and your prospect. Lead capture pages are designed to provide and little sizzle and your overall conversions will blow the socks off of your replicated company site.

Getting Things Done Around The House

I barely had time to sit and relax this weekend. I have been prepping and painting as my wife and I have been completing some minor renovations, but things are looking good. When ever I start a project I like to dig right in and complete it. I don't like a mess and can't stand it when people take months to complete jobs. Work hard and GETT'R DONE ! At times we can all procrastinate but in the end it's never beneficial in business or your personal life.

Todd Falcone's Million Dollar Mondays

Folks if you have never been on one of Todd Falcone's FREE Monday night calls than frankly you are missing out big time. He is one of today's top MLM Trainers and provides the very best training you can get. Best of all Mondays are free. Make a note of this listen to the call on Monday night 5pm and come back and write a quick note to me and let me know what you thought of the call (you'll most likely be thanking me for passing this along to you) you're welcome in advance!
Go to under Todd Live for call details. You should also check out his blog at ToddFalconeblog.comand absorb the info and podcasts he has posted there.

Give Your Blog A Boost With MyBlogLog's Communtiy Exchange Link

This is a fun way to create some more traffic for your blog and gain some new readers. Join all of the MyBlogLog communities on the list below.
Copy the list and create a new post on your blog and paste the list onto your post.
Write a brief paragraph that explains what the game is above the list (just as I have done here). Thanks for this Garry Conn.
Add 2 or 3 more MyBlogLog communities to the list and then publish the post.
If you want to be added to this list, simply drop me a comment below.
Again, participating in The MyBlogLog Community Exchange will help you increase traffic, increase the number of regular readers as well as help increase the number of backlinks you have pointing to your site! Have fun and again… don’t let the successes of this game pass you up!

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John Cow Dot Com

Is a parody site that is very good. John Cow Dot Com is a site that will be as equally good as you know who's site. He provides great insite, useful information with a sense of humour that has a certain appeal to it.
By the way the blogging cows made me do it!

Vancouver Heat Wave

Vancouver weather isn't the greatest as we have our gloomy days and fair share of rain but now we are getting heat wave. At 6:15 pm it is now 96 degrees outside and it was about 101 degrees earlier. I am not really complaining because I know it won't last for too long.


It's More Than Just Another Network Marketing Ebook

The free ebook that is in the top corner of my blog is really more than just another ebook. it contains extremely valuable information. It's 35 pages of solid info that could change your business around completely or if you are considering starting an MLM/Network Marketing business it can save you years of frustration and possibly thousands of dollars.

Inside there are links to a system called "The Renegade Network Marketer" which has 6 main parts to it. 1)Landing pages, 2)The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing Free Viral ebook,3)The Follow up System, 4) The Renegade Network Marketer ebook, 5) The back end 6) The Renegade Newsletter
Put your business into overdrive and make this summer the pivotal point of change!

Automation vs High Touch

Having a system to create leads is great and many programs you see now claim that it's completely automated and you don't have to talk to anyone. You just sit back and make mega money! First of all don't be fooled by this because a system like that can not sustain itself and your dropout rate will eat you up. A person (prospect)friend, wants to have "high touch" so they know there is a real person that they can build a relationship with and trust. I think using automation to create leads is great but even better when you use high touch you can really talk to people find out what they need and help them with a solution.

How Do I Fund My Network Marketing Business?

If you get involved in a home based business or Network Marketing there is a good chance that when you become involved you were excited and thought that you would be making a financial killing by now. Sound familiar? You were probably misinformed. Here is what I mean: Your sponsor told you you would be financially free 2-5 years,get the biggest business package available and you will get your money back 10 fold in a few weeks, the product sells itself, just use word of mouth etc....

First of all don't believe any of that hype and BS because it's exactly that, BS.
Here is what you were not told: You should treat this like a regular business and come up with an advertising campaign and have a monthly advertising budget. You do need funds to effectively advertise your business just like any other traditional business. Did you know this? Fortunately there is a way for you to build up monthly funds so you can have an ongoing stream of cashflow and then use it fund your business advertising. If you are interested, download this FREE ebook, read it and then utilize the Renegade Network Marketer System.
There is some reading involved so this will weed out people that are serious and those who aren't. Just remember good things come to those that are PATIENT and take the time to gather all the information.

Wanted:Mannatech Reps Seeking New Opportunity

Considering the recent bad news with the Texas Attorney General suing Mannatech over illegal sales and marketing practices that include claims about curing cancer, Down's syndrome and autism, I have an offer for the reps of this company. If you are one of the unfortunate reps of this company and are looking for a new opportunity please contact me. I will work with people that don't make claims that a product cures an ailment so if you are looking for a reputable company let me know.

Provide Valuable Content For Your Community

One of the best ways you can reach out to your community is to provide valuable content to them for free. Sharing what you know with people provides a platform for growth. I have been promoting the free ebook "The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing" as a free download for anyone interested in MLM or Network Marketing. This is jammed packed with vital information that you should read so you can see how and why your upline makes so much money. Don't get left behind or be one of the dropout statistics. This provides you the stepping stones to achieve greatness and actually make money.

Leverage For Success

The idea behind Network Marketing/MLM is truly remarkable unlike any traditional business. In a traditional business or job you are trading hours for dollars meaning you work 10 hours you get paid for those 10 hours. Fair enough but there is a better way if you work smarter and leverage yourself through Network Marketing. Basically by building a sales team of reps you are leveraging your time because you get paid a commission on how well you and your team produces so you are not just relying on your own efforts. Remember- 1% of the efforts of 100 people is far better and smarter than 100% of our own efforts isn't it? Not everyone that gets involved in a Network Marketing business actually does anything with it. Why is this? If you are thinking about starting a business please contact me or first visit Expert MLM for many of your answers. Remember there is a better way to get what you want. I am a solution provider and I will help you get what you want!

Positioning Yourself In Network Marketing

Learning and reading is important in network marketing and in life in general. Gather your information and always be a student of the business (please don't confuse this with buying tapes,books and seminars through a system) Remember, that "knowledge is power". My point is this- be in a position of becoming and expert at what you do. After all Network Marketing is a profession. Expert MLM

Yet Another Social Network ""

If you want to build a social network give a try.
"Apsense is a free Social Network driven by its users who share common business interests. Our online service is FREE for anyone with Home Based Businesses."
These social networking sites are used at your own risk. But what is life without a little risk! They may prove to be very useful for you and that is the whole idea.

Social Networking

This may interest some of you. A social networking site called
Home Biz Space
It has some cool aspects to connect with other business people and network your business.

Are We Really Selling A Business Opportunity?

Who needs another business opportunity? They are a dime a dozen. They come and go as fast as tornado and sometimes leave equal devastation! Do your homework and find a great company but you will find that is not enough. You see the corporations in most companies never do enough for the distributor or associate and can actually hurt your performance. Everyone gets the same material and the same cookie cutter operations (note-this isn't always bad) there are some very useful tools.
To combat this you must be better at innovation and presenting who you are and how you run your business. The better you become at portraying YOU and what you bring to the table that is when it will show your client/prospect that you are a solution provider and not just "another dude with an opportunity".

Expert MLM

Finding Quality People is Difficult.... Or is it?

One of the single most important aspects of successful networking is being able to bring in quality prospects that want to build a business. The only way to maintain an MLM business is simply to retail product and sponsor new people. Simple?

The problem is that a new associate thinks that sponsoring his brother or best friend is the way to go (maybe in some cases)but the problem is the process that most people go through. After they burn through "the famous list" they either drop out or try again and that is when you hear stories of people losing their friends.

There is no need for this anymore. You don't need a list, you don't need to "bother" anyone. What would help you would be to have a pipeline of quality people that actually want to hear what you have to offer. This way of creating and maintaining a network marketing business is essential and helps free up some time so you're not chasing people at the mall or contacting "old" friends.
interested? get more info here The Renegade Network Marketer.

Prospects Don't Care What YOU Have To Say !

Think about this and put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. Why should they trust you? In most cases they don't know you? So why should they become a customer or an associate? You must begin a genuine conversation where the focus is on them not you or your business. THEY DON'T CARE! Earn the trust of potential partners and ask lots of questions. Remember this- "God Gave us 2 ears and one mouth, so we should listen as twice as much as we talk". Get your free ebook to help get you in the right frame of mind.

I'm Tired of Hearing About "The Dream"

Who hasn't heard the brain washed uplines spewing out their verbal diarehea (sorry about the choice of words) about "the dream" and how the dream is your inspiration to build your network marketing business. "You must dream bigger and everything will fall into place" Don't you want to be financially free in 2-5 years. You must have a dream.... yadda, yadda, yadda.

In our hearts each and every one of us know why we are building a network marketing/MLM business and we certainly don't need our uplines telling us why. Whether it's financial security,extra income or just that you want to be part of a social network or have your own business. Whatever it is, that is YOUR reason,for building a business.

So the real question here is HOW do I build a network marketing or MLM business?
What we really want are the nuts and bolts of how to do it isn't it? If you want to know more get your free ebook here See you at the top!

Controversial ebook Banned!

The ebook by Ann Sieg "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing" has already been banned by a large Network Marketing company. To see what all the controversy is all about pickup your FREE copy here

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

Finally, we have some answers as to why so many people fail in Network Marketing/MLM.
In my opinion this is essential reading if you are an affiliate marketer,network marketer,mlmer, or have been considering joining a program. Get your free copy now. click here

The Worlds First 3 Sided Business Card

This sounds like a pretty good deal. Join free and design a very professional business card for cheaper than you would at your local print shop (in full color and high quality graphics).I don't know about you but I have printed cards on good quality stock but they still always look "homemade". I have joined for free, this is an affiliate program so if you want to look into it some more, here is my link so you can make up your own mind if you like what you see. There are no costs until you decide to purchase your business cards. Earn commissions on your referrals. Pretty simple. With most companies you must find your niche market because not everyone wants your product or business but in this case I think everyone with a business or product could use a great business card with the potential to earn commissions. What do you think?

Keeping It Real

Today's market is very skeptical with business opportunities popping up everywhere claiming they are the hottest business startup, ground floor opportunity, make $ 10,000 a month like John Smith (if he can do it anyone can do it). These claims are phony full of hype and are not the real facts. There is nothing wrong with a little sizzle when advertising your business but please KEEP IT REAL AND HONEST. The fact is that it will take work, some money, and open mind, being teachable and learning the ropes. Find out what kind of money or lifestyle you want to have and set out a plan to get there. If you want a few hundred dollars a month or a few thousand a month, plan it out and see how much you have to sell to get there. An important point to remember is your mindset. If you are in network marketing (MLM) to make money than treat it like a multi-million dollar business or any other business. Too many people don't fully realize what they have their hands on and treat it like a side thing they are doing. Believe in what you are doing, believe in yourself and never,never,never give up!

Blogger's Choice Awards

Ty Tribble at is up for an award for the "Best Marketing Blog" so if you like Ty's work or if you have never visited his site then have a look and if you like the content then please go vote for him.

read more | digg story

Weekend (useful) reminders

Here is some good advice. I love this time of year. More Daylight, longer days!

Please turn your clock ahead (if local laws permit).
Replace the batteries in all your smoke detectors.
If you don't have smoke detectors, buy a few. They're really cheap now.
If you can find some neighbors who might need smoke detectors, buy some for them.
Take out your #1 and #2 credit cards. Call the number on the back and say, "I think I'm going to need to cancel my account because your interest rate is too high." Then wait silently. Watch what happens. Boom, I just saved you a few hundred dollars.
Feel free to use that money to pay down your credit card debt. Or,
make sure you have tenant's insurance if you rent. And,
back up your hard drive.
Boom. Spring cleaning is done.

Seth Godin

What is a Lead Capture Page? Why Should You Have One?

Carl Sorensen

A lead capture page could be considered any website that allows your visitor to enter their contact information to request more information on your product or opportunity.

Rather than have your visitor rifle through your entire affiliate site reading through pages and pages of information a lead capture page is designed to be simple yet deliver a very direct message about your business opportunity or products.

When you put forth too much information to a website visitor in the wrong fashion you will scare them off the moment they arrive at your site. You are simply providing them with too much information on your site when they haven't even really asked to even see it yet.

When you tease your visitors with a lead capture page we give them one course of action to take.

If they are interested in your product or opportunity they will surely submit their information through the lead capture page. When this occurs the prospects details will be delivered to you in real-time.

You will have a fresh, qualified lead for your specific program. At the same time the prospect will be re-directed to a website of your choosing. You can have them re-directed to either your affiliate site, online presentation or thank you page.

You already possess their contact information so at this point in time it really doesn't matter where they go. You can follow up with them at your leisure.

This is building your own personal list at it's finest.

Not only that but you will be collecting names and contact information from people who are actually interested in your specific business.

You cannot go out and buy leads like this, the only way to get them is to use a lead capture page and generate them yourself.

Why spend $100's or $1000's on leads when you could spend that same money on advertising your lead capture page and generating the best prospects money can buy for a price that any network marketer could afford. EZLeadCapture Basic Membership">source Carl Sorensen

Another Way The Rich Differ: They're Online Longer

by Adrienne W. Fawcett, Thursday, Mar 8, 2007 5:00 AM ET

IN ADDITION TO BEING WEALTHIER, thinner and having better handbags than everyone else, affluent Americans spend more time on the Internet.

And when they're online, they're searching instead of surfing.

According to a study on affluence and online activity by JupiterResearch, Americans with annual household income over $100,000 spend a median of 17 hours a week online, compared with 14 hours for everyone else. They also are more aware of advertising and are more active online.

A good chunk of their Internet time is focused on business rather than pleasure--including such functions as online banking, bill payment, stock trading and media engagement. The study found that 20% of affluent people visit Web sites dedicated to business compared with 11% of other folks, and 37% of affluent people did research for work online, compared with 27% of non-affluents.

Because the affluent are so focused on searching for information, most display ads don't work on this important demographic. "If you're marketing to affluents, it should be about search advertising and giving people resources so they can find information online rather than banner ads and pop-up ads," said Mark Best, analyst with JupiterResearch.

Another Way The Rich Differ: They're Online Longer

Interesting Blog- John Chow

I came across an interesting blog by a Local from Vancouver (Richmond) BC area.

His name is John Chow. he covers many subjects from technology to SEO, business, blogging, dining..... its quite informative and interesting.

ABC News: Suzanne Somers Super Sales Woman?

Has Somers Found the Fountain of Youth or Is It All a Scam?


Feb. 16, 2007 — Suzanne Somers first came into our living rooms as the slightly addled sweetheart of the 1970's hit sitcom "Three's Company." Three decades later, Somers is a super saleswoman on a different stage, peddling more than 1,000 different products everywhere from the Home Shopping Network to her own Web site.

And Somers is now pitching her most dramatic promise yet: a treatment she said is the fountain of youth for us all.

The benefits of that treatment are the focus of her 16th book, a best-seller called "Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones."
read the rest of the story here....

Somers insists in her book that the bioidentical versions of the hormones not only don't have those risks, they'll actually provide protection against those diseases. "It's the greatest protection against cancer," she said. "So, is it a cure for cancer? No. But is it a protective? Absolutely."

Here we go again about product claims. Do not make outrageous product claims (or income claims for that matter). Can you believe Suzanne Somers actually said "It's the greatest protection against cancer."

Just remember what Kim Klaver's motto is and it will help keep you out of trouble:

Agloco Is All The Rage. Don't Miss Out!

You can decide if surfing the internet for free and earning money is something for you. If you think it is sign up at the top right corner of my blog. Happy surfing.

*Remember the Agloco (surfing bar) is not available for downloading until sometime in Mach 2007.

$500 a month. Chopped Liver?

This is a great post by John Milton Fogg- transforming mlm

$500 a month. Chopped liver?
Over in another forum (where the MLMers swim) came this bit about the "kind" of prospects this business-builder was after:
... there's about a million ways to make $500 a month from home. And I'm only interested in partnering with people who are serious about making a DRAMATIC and RADICAL increase in their finances.
In other words... the people who want to make $500 or $1,000 per month are simply not my market. If I run across them, though, I'll be happy to refer them to you, if you'd like. They won't be a fit for what I do. I'm looking for big thinkers... not people who want to earn an extra $15 a day.______________________________
Well, actually... that's $16.66 (or $16.12 depending on the month, forget February, and isn't that a cool way to think and speak about $500 a month) a day, and I would very much like, ney... I would LOVE all the $500 to $1000 a month folks I can have on my team, so...

Give me your tired, your poor (small thinkers),Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming com plan.Send these, the homeless, under-achievers, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door,of my network marketing opportunity.
Thanks.I appreciate you. a ps: I have no interest in making thousands of mlm millionaires. I'm committed to creating millions of network marketing thousandaires.You interested in being one of their leaders? (Just do the math.)
Posted by John Fogg on February 15, 2007

Andrew - NMC
There is huge potential when you establish a customer base, plus when the going gets tough in your business and your partners start dropping out you still have a life line... CUSTOMERS
and the "small" earners as business partners.

A great post by John Fogg.

Longer work day cutting into family time: study

(CBC) - "As work hours rise, family time falls." That's the key conclusion of a study released Tuesday that shows workers spent an average of 45 minutes less time with family members in 2005 than they did 20 years earlier. Full story here
It's not such a bad idea having a home based business to help increase home time?

My Blog Log Is A Cool Site

My blog log is a great way to network and stay connected to blogs of interest and you will be able to connect to some interesting people. Check it out,

See who is reading your blog and check out theirs. Great for exposure. So please come back to read my blog. I know I don't always have fresh content.... just not enough hours in a day!

Is Network Marketing A Simple Business?

Is network marketing a simple business? That depends on who you talk to and their personal experiences. Compared to running a traditional business such as a construction company for instance: I talked to a friend of mine the other day about his construction business and the many problems associated with it such as employees hired that don't show up and you have a deadline to get a job done (I realize these will apply for most businesses). Showing up on a job site without the proper tools (lose more time). Running from job to job, working weekends, paperwork, person fails to pay contractor, problems getting material, backorders, upset clients.... you get the picture.

Network marketing can have some similar problems: recruit someone that does nothing, upset customers, it's not a real business, it's a scam, tarnished image from old school networkers due to outrageous income and product claims.

What we do have going for us is a new way of thinking and conducting business as we move on in 2007. What we do is sell high quality products to customers and recruit some people that want to have their own business and earn commissions. Sounds simple enough doesn't it?
I encourage anyone that is interested in high quality products such as supplements, travel, cards, weight loss etc. to check out Network Marketing Central . If you don't find something that I have available, there are many other people that have great products. This site was designed by Kim Klaver to bring networkers together to market their products to each other without pitching their business opportunity. Maybe you know someone that might be interested in a website like that?

Is it a simple business?....You can create a customer base and earn commissions and recruit people if you choose to. Does it really sound much harder than a traditional business? I honestly don't have an answer for you but you decide. Don't forget about earning residual income from each customer/associate that you take with you on your journey. Does your traditional business give you that ability?

More False Claims

Here we are again with a company and reps making false claims about their products. When will they get it ? Once again make no promises or false claims about how great your product is but instead as Kim Klaver would say "tell your story about why YOU love your product." No wonder trying to build a business in network marketing can be a constant uphill battle. Good thing we have Network Marketing Central where this doesn't happen.

I first read the post from Ty Tribble MLM Blog. Here is the link to watch the tv footage:

Eating Less Reduces Fitness - But Exercise Preserves It

By Maureen Williams, ND
Healthnotes Newswire (January 4, 2007)—Eating fewer calories is one way to lose weight, but exercise needs to be part of the program to preserve muscle mass and physical fitness, a new study demonstrates.
For overweight and obese people, weight loss can reduce their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. The formula for weight loss is simple: the calories burned in activity must exceed the calories taken in as food; in other words, eat less and exercise more.
When the diet does not provide the calories needed to produce the energy being spent, the body uses stores of fat and muscle to make energy. However, when muscles are used for energy it reduces their size and strength. For example, even the heart muscle can be a source of energy, but the consequence of using heart tissue for fuel would be a weaker heart and a lower exercise capacity. Full article

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I am trying some different templates to find one that "feels right" and has a cleaner look. I find that many blogs have too much going on. I guess mine does too but not compared to some.

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