Quixtar's Ship Is Sinking.....Jump!

If you are involved in this company and are spinning your wheels, it's not entirely your fault. If a ship is sinking you had better jump!Quixtar and Amway are always in the news and it's almost never positive. -MLM Canada

GRAND RAPIDS - A judge has ruled against direct marketing giant Quixtar Inc. in its request for a contempt finding against a group of dissident ex-distributors.

Quixtar sued the ex-distributors, saying that they must abide by confidentiality and noncompete clauses until issues with the company can be arbitrated.

In August, Kent County Circuit Judge Paul J. Sullivan issued a preliminary injunction that prohibited the ex-distributors from using their Quixtar networks for business.

Quixtar went back to court Sept. 21, saying the defendants had violated the injunction by competing against the company and by harming its reputation.

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