Don't Get Caught With Your Pants Down!

Everyone that makes a decision to start a network marketing business should have specific reasons or (a hot button) as to why they are doing it. This might not always be about money as some people just want to have a business of their own and control their destiny. 95% of folks have no business or marketing experience at all and face an uphill battle if they don't learn about the company they are involved with. In other words "don't get caught with your pants down" if you are trying to contact someone about your business. They will want answers and will expect to talk to someone that is confident and knowledgeable. Take the time to learn about your company and then learn to market and become a solution provider.

Quixtar's Ship Is Sinking.....Jump!

If you are involved in this company and are spinning your wheels, it's not entirely your fault. If a ship is sinking you had better jump!Quixtar and Amway are always in the news and it's almost never positive. -MLM Canada

GRAND RAPIDS - A judge has ruled against direct marketing giant Quixtar Inc. in its request for a contempt finding against a group of dissident ex-distributors.

Quixtar sued the ex-distributors, saying that they must abide by confidentiality and noncompete clauses until issues with the company can be arbitrated.

In August, Kent County Circuit Judge Paul J. Sullivan issued a preliminary injunction that prohibited the ex-distributors from using their Quixtar networks for business.

Quixtar went back to court Sept. 21, saying the defendants had violated the injunction by competing against the company and by harming its reputation.

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Your Product Provides Great Benefits For Customers

People will always spend money on products and services so why not yours?!

"Your customer must realize that the satisfaction received from your product is more beneficial than the money spent." Ron Martin

Are You Lying To Your Prospects?

Far too often I come across other network marketers that are bending the truth or not telling the whole truth when it comes down to the nitty gritty of network marketing. They don't tell potential prospects that it's going to literally take blood, sweat and tears to make a big impact in the industry. Obviously they do this because they don't really care about the long term impact of their oversight. By leaving out the "details" they are shooting themselves in the foot because I can almost guarantee you that those people they lie to will quit. So do yourself a huge favor and ask the question to potential business partners "Do you have 100% desire to succeed by working hard and are your teachable?"If they aren't or they hesitate then move on and don't look back because there are so many other people that will qualify for your business.

How Many Reps Does It Take To Finanical Freedom?

"How many reps does it take to financial freedom"?
Take my advice. If you ever hear your upline say to you that you only need to find 3 or 6 reps and you will be financially free, start running in the other direction. This old school thinking makes no sense whatsoever. There is no such business where you only find a few people to work with and then stop. The fact is that not everyone you sponsor in your business has the drive and desire to be a success and many will drop out. You will always be looking for good talent to bring into your business. How many reps does it take to financial freedom? It may take you hundreds or it may take a handful. I would suggest as many as it takes! To help you become better at sponsoring and make money in the process, get your free videos here and you will have something to talk about.

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