Unigen Pens 100 Year Plan

Thanks to Dave Stone at MLM Today for this post. Dave Stone is a highly regarded Network Marketing Professional with a straight forward approach (no hype)

Unigen Pharmaceuticals is taking strategic planning to ambitious new heights with a 100-year business plan, which is the rationale behind the botanical ingredient company's new hires and internal shuffling of late.Based in Lacey, Washington and in Korea, Unigen studies plant extracts at the gene level in order to gain an understanding as to how they affect gene expression. The company is dedicated to the discovery of botanically derived therapeutic compounds for use in nutraceutical, functional food, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical products.
As part of the lengthy process of unleashing botanical ingredients through its research and development pipeline, Unigen is investing heavily in human capital in anticipation of a century down the road – when it foresees accelerated convergence of the nutraceutical and cosmetics industries. read the full article

No Promises. No Problems.

How's this for a fix for all the bad press and image problems that make it so hard to do the business for everyone...In response to the post, "I know who's giving us the bad rap" reader Craig Davis suggested we have a new mantra: "make no promises, makes no problems." Here's a slightly modified version: No promises. No problems.

I have adopted this in my No Bullsh$! pic up in the left corner- Andrew

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Last Minute Halloween Costume!

Okay so my wife,brother and I are going to aHalloween party at a local pub the problem is that it is last minute "literally". I had costumes from previous years but I didn't feel like dressing up and I just wanted something simple. I found a potty seat in the closet( don't worry it was new and never used) and within a few minutes I had my costume. I hot glued the seat onto an old touque (ski cap) as Americans call them. Made a little reference From Seinfeld "the assman"

and ......It was an absolute hit. Everyone loved it and of course you can imagine the comments!

Do You Contact People You Work With?

This is a tough decision and probably depends on the type of work you do and the people around you. As a rule I don't think it's a good idea unless its away from work or at lunch and that may depend on the people you are with. So poses a few questions then:
Do you email the people you work with while at work about your business?
Is it better to email from home on your time?
It is more acceptable to present only your product to them at work?
Do you directly ask them for a referral for your XYZ product without directly asking them if they would be interested?

Pumpkin Patch Success?

The pumpkin patch was fun there was just a sea of pumpkins. As far as getting a big one.... I think we should have gone to look for one about a week ago because they were pretty picked over. It was a perfect day to go but a little muddy in places (my 2 year old found out). All in all a great day I think everyone should consider buying direct from a pumpkin patch near you vs a Safeway, Walgreens etc.... support local farms!

The Pumpkin Patch

Family outing today. This morning we are heading to the pumpkin patch to pickup some pumpkins. I will post about the huge ones we find (I hope)! I think they have a hay ride so it should be fun!

Remember To Laugh

We all have busy lives full of stress and sometimes barely have time to relax and reflect on the days or weeks events. If you are one of those people, do yourself a favor and take some time to laugh. Find something funny on the net with your wife/ partner, or son or daughter and laugh...

Another thing to try is just sit and stare at each other and try not to laugh (just like when you were a kid) you'll be surprised at how much you will laugh! My wife and I have been laughing quite a bit lately and it makes us feel better and more relaxed. Go TRY IT NOW!

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