Last Minute Halloween Costume!

Okay so my wife,brother and I are going to aHalloween party at a local pub the problem is that it is last minute "literally". I had costumes from previous years but I didn't feel like dressing up and I just wanted something simple. I found a potty seat in the closet( don't worry it was new and never used) and within a few minutes I had my costume. I hot glued the seat onto an old touque (ski cap) as Americans call them. Made a little reference From Seinfeld "the assman"

and ......It was an absolute hit. Everyone loved it and of course you can imagine the comments!

1 comment:

Aaron Cook said...

LOL. Got any fusilli pasta? :P

Kramer: "I'm not the Assman."
DMV employee: "As far as the State of New York is concerned, you are!"

Good post Andrew. I always enjoy Seinfeld references.

Take care,

PS: It was a million-to-one shot, Doc, a million-to-one.

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