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I came across an interesting blog by a Local from Vancouver (Richmond) BC area.

His name is John Chow. he covers many subjects from technology to SEO, business, blogging, dining..... its quite informative and interesting.

ABC News: Suzanne Somers Super Sales Woman?

Has Somers Found the Fountain of Youth or Is It All a Scam?


Feb. 16, 2007 — Suzanne Somers first came into our living rooms as the slightly addled sweetheart of the 1970's hit sitcom "Three's Company." Three decades later, Somers is a super saleswoman on a different stage, peddling more than 1,000 different products everywhere from the Home Shopping Network to her own Web site.

And Somers is now pitching her most dramatic promise yet: a treatment she said is the fountain of youth for us all.

The benefits of that treatment are the focus of her 16th book, a best-seller called "Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones."
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Somers insists in her book that the bioidentical versions of the hormones not only don't have those risks, they'll actually provide protection against those diseases. "It's the greatest protection against cancer," she said. "So, is it a cure for cancer? No. But is it a protective? Absolutely."

Here we go again about product claims. Do not make outrageous product claims (or income claims for that matter). Can you believe Suzanne Somers actually said "It's the greatest protection against cancer."

Just remember what Kim Klaver's motto is and it will help keep you out of trouble:

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$500 a month. Chopped Liver?

This is a great post by John Milton Fogg- transforming mlm

$500 a month. Chopped liver?
Over in another forum (where the MLMers swim) came this bit about the "kind" of prospects this business-builder was after:
... there's about a million ways to make $500 a month from home. And I'm only interested in partnering with people who are serious about making a DRAMATIC and RADICAL increase in their finances.
In other words... the people who want to make $500 or $1,000 per month are simply not my market. If I run across them, though, I'll be happy to refer them to you, if you'd like. They won't be a fit for what I do. I'm looking for big thinkers... not people who want to earn an extra $15 a day.______________________________
Well, actually... that's $16.66 (or $16.12 depending on the month, forget February, and isn't that a cool way to think and speak about $500 a month) a day, and I would very much like, ney... I would LOVE all the $500 to $1000 a month folks I can have on my team, so...

Give me your tired, your poor (small thinkers),Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming com plan.Send these, the homeless, under-achievers, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door,of my network marketing opportunity.
Thanks.I appreciate you. a ps: I have no interest in making thousands of mlm millionaires. I'm committed to creating millions of network marketing thousandaires.You interested in being one of their leaders? (Just do the math.)
Posted by John Fogg on February 15, 2007

Andrew - NMC
There is huge potential when you establish a customer base, plus when the going gets tough in your business and your partners start dropping out you still have a life line... CUSTOMERS
and the "small" earners as business partners.

A great post by John Fogg.

Longer work day cutting into family time: study

(CBC) - "As work hours rise, family time falls." That's the key conclusion of a study released Tuesday that shows workers spent an average of 45 minutes less time with family members in 2005 than they did 20 years earlier. Full story here
It's not such a bad idea having a home based business to help increase home time?

My Blog Log Is A Cool Site

My blog log is a great way to network and stay connected to blogs of interest and you will be able to connect to some interesting people. Check it out,

See who is reading your blog and check out theirs. Great for exposure. So please come back to read my blog. I know I don't always have fresh content.... just not enough hours in a day!

Is Network Marketing A Simple Business?

Is network marketing a simple business? That depends on who you talk to and their personal experiences. Compared to running a traditional business such as a construction company for instance: I talked to a friend of mine the other day about his construction business and the many problems associated with it such as employees hired that don't show up and you have a deadline to get a job done (I realize these will apply for most businesses). Showing up on a job site without the proper tools (lose more time). Running from job to job, working weekends, paperwork, person fails to pay contractor, problems getting material, backorders, upset clients.... you get the picture.

Network marketing can have some similar problems: recruit someone that does nothing, upset customers, it's not a real business, it's a scam, tarnished image from old school networkers due to outrageous income and product claims.

What we do have going for us is a new way of thinking and conducting business as we move on in 2007. What we do is sell high quality products to customers and recruit some people that want to have their own business and earn commissions. Sounds simple enough doesn't it?
I encourage anyone that is interested in high quality products such as supplements, travel, cards, weight loss etc. to check out Network Marketing Central . If you don't find something that I have available, there are many other people that have great products. This site was designed by Kim Klaver to bring networkers together to market their products to each other without pitching their business opportunity. Maybe you know someone that might be interested in a website like that?

Is it a simple business?....You can create a customer base and earn commissions and recruit people if you choose to. Does it really sound much harder than a traditional business? I honestly don't have an answer for you but you decide. Don't forget about earning residual income from each customer/associate that you take with you on your journey. Does your traditional business give you that ability?

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