MLM Managing Director arrested in Hyderabad

Here again is what not to do to become successful in MLM. Pure greed on his part. Don't they chop off your hand if you're caught stealing in India? I wonder what this guy gets?

Managing director of a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company in the city was arrested on Tuesday for illegally collecting funds to the tune of Rs 7 crore from its members.
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Where Do I Market My MLM Business?

Where Do I market my mlm business? There are many free resources you can use to promote your mlm business or affiliate programs. Here are some of them....

Digg,Technorati,you tube,social poster,ezine articles,stumble upon, do some digging around and find some your self there are hundreds of resources. Remember that some will work well and others will not. It's all about testing to see what works.

Also please do not do this: Stop pitching your business before you even talk to someone. I hate when someone from a social network that you don't even know sends you an email asking you to join their "ground floor opportunity" because it's the greatest, most lucrative business out there. (barf, puke) Converse first without bringing up your business.

Last but not least, use forums related to your industry and post useful comments and many will allow you to use a linkback to your site/blog.

now put it to use!

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