More False Claims

Here we are again with a company and reps making false claims about their products. When will they get it ? Once again make no promises or false claims about how great your product is but instead as Kim Klaver would say "tell your story about why YOU love your product." No wonder trying to build a business in network marketing can be a constant uphill battle. Good thing we have Network Marketing Central where this doesn't happen.

I first read the post from Ty Tribble MLM Blog. Here is the link to watch the tv footage:

Eating Less Reduces Fitness - But Exercise Preserves It

By Maureen Williams, ND
Healthnotes Newswire (January 4, 2007)—Eating fewer calories is one way to lose weight, but exercise needs to be part of the program to preserve muscle mass and physical fitness, a new study demonstrates.
For overweight and obese people, weight loss can reduce their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. The formula for weight loss is simple: the calories burned in activity must exceed the calories taken in as food; in other words, eat less and exercise more.
When the diet does not provide the calories needed to produce the energy being spent, the body uses stores of fat and muscle to make energy. However, when muscles are used for energy it reduces their size and strength. For example, even the heart muscle can be a source of energy, but the consequence of using heart tissue for fuel would be a weaker heart and a lower exercise capacity. Full article

Testing new looks

I am trying some different templates to find one that "feels right" and has a cleaner look. I find that many blogs have too much going on. I guess mine does too but not compared to some.

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