Spiderweb Marketing System Approaches Launch

The Spiderweb Marketing System is approaching it's official launch from beta to full
system use. There have been many changes to the system and additional income streams added. This system will be evolving and changing on a regular basis so if you are looking to generate more leads and more income for your business get your free system
and see where it takes you. I could just take you to a better financial situation especially in these troubling economic times.

Get your free system at: http://yourbuzz.ws

The Importance Of Corporate Leadership

The importance of corporate leadership within a network marketing company is extremely important and should never be overlooked when you're looking at different opportunities in the industry. While many companies look similar you have to look deeper behind the curtain to see who is backing the company you're looking at or that you may already be involved in.

Consider the following:

* Are they known in the business world and respected for past and present business ventures?
* Do they have the money to back the company for the long term?
* Do they embrace innovation and science and bring the best leadership and experience to the table?
* Does the corporate leadership have expertise in television, radio and other forms of media and be willing to implement that to help distributors?
* Do they have access to impact, unique products that no one else can get access to?

These are some key aspects to look for when considering joining a network marketing company. I hope it helps shed some light on what can be a very tough and frustrating process. For more info on this use this link

Perfectionists Don't Make It In MLM Businesses

Well this may not be exactly true but if you're in business and are a perfectionist then your chances of being successful in an mlm business just dropped a few notches. Let me clarify this: Don't get bogged down with getting everything memorized and perfect. You don't need to know everything right away. In other words you should not be a perfectionist as it will prevent you from moving on. You must take action in your business right away because action leads to results. You gain knowledge as you progress so don't worry about perfection, just get started!

Recruit With Posture

The cat is out of the bag now so if you want to start to Recruit With Posture then now is the time to watch the free 60 minute exclusive video where Mike Dillard interviews the legendary Mark Weiser. Mark personally sponsored more than 250 new reps into his business in one year! This FREE video is a must watch for anyone that wants to start kicking their business into high gear. Network Marketing just got a whole lot more fun...


Have You Hit A Brick Wall With Your Network Marketing Company?

If you are a network marketer and have hit a brick wall within the industry and you are considering quitting or have a problem with your company then hold that thought. Ask yourself why do you want to build a business? Are your lack of results entirely your fault? Are you not generating quality leads? Are you really putting forth the effort and time to build a business? Are you confident with your product, compensation and your field leadership. Is your up line helping you or are you pretty much on your own? If you can answer these questions honestly and still want a change then consider contacting me and see if I can help you.

Big Money Free Time Will Reopen Briefly. Don't Miss It !

Great Googley Moogley! I just got the info straight from the horses mouth. David Ledoux is going to reopen BigMoneyFreeTime for about an hour on Thursday. They cleaned up the dups (1 lady had ordered 6 memberships!) and got everything sorted out.

Go now to Big Money Free Time and get on the early bird list. Watch for an email from David on Thursday morning with the link details, and for heaven's sake don't mess around, get in!

Do it now, see you in BMFT!

Buying Leads Can Be Like Cutting Holes In Your Pockets But There Is An Alternative

If you are a network marketer and have purchased leads then you know by now that it can be very challenging and can really put a strain on you financially. Out of every 100 leads that you call you might sponsor a couple of them if you're lucky. Many lead companies sell their leads over and over again and those "fresh leads" are quite often not as fresh as you think. They claim that their screening is good and the questions they ask in the end are really not very relevant because the lead is a dud to begin with. I am sorry but most leads are really bad and you're wasting hundreds of dollars on them. If you are having tremendous success with leads then please keep doing what works for you. There are good and rotten lead companies out there so do your homework if you're going that route.

If you want to connect with people that have more in common with you then you should consider Anne Sieg's The Renegade Network Marketer where you will create your own free leads for your business and get some of the best practical information within the Renegade System. You can no longer rely on family and friends and who wants to go down that road again. The Renegade Network Marketer back office has some incredible features and links so you can add multiple streams of income to your business to help with your advertising and it basically becomes "seed" money. This is only for those that are serious about building a network marketing business and really want to do it right.
You can also pickup a free copy of the controversial report
"The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing" over at Expert MLM . This is a great read and eye opener for anyone that is getting started or is a seasoned networker.

Andrew Murphy

Virtual Assistants Make Your Life Easier

Our time is so valuable these days that we can never seem to fit everything in so along comes a virtual assistant to help ease your pain and suffering. Become more productive and hire a pro to help you.

Welcome to my Virtual Office. My name is Vicky. I have been doing Administrative work like Data Entry, Customer Service, Documents, Research and more for about 7 years part time until 2007, when I decided to go full time. My office is in Oregon and takes care of clients from around the globe. Thank you for stopping by. Let me know what results I can get for you today.

Virtual assists are becoming very popular to keep your small business on track and moving forward. It's all about being productive these days.

Internet Marketing With David Ledoux

This is a great article by my fellow Canadian David Ledoux who is also the creator of his latest venture http://bigmoneyfreetime.com

An Internet Marketer Turns 12 by David Ledoux

I've been marketing on the internet since 1996. 12 long human years, and it feels like a century in web years.

That means I'm old...real old. I can pull my green checkered pants up high on my chest, tighten my white leather belt, adjust my bifocals and yell at you kids to get off my lawn!

Back in 1996, we didn't have Adobe Acrobat. In my opinion the ability to create a digital product that no one could mess with changed the game forever. Before we had Adobe, we would email rich text files to people. Or Microsoft 2.0 Word Files. Or Old Wordperfect files.

And screw jobs would edit them, steal them and mess with them.
Piracy was rampant. People would steal your ebooks along with the dancing baby and spinning earth widgets on your website!

Everyone zoomed along with 2800 baud modems. But a few of us had vision. I remember in early 1996 I interviewed several millionaires on the telephone on a huge conference call. I had the audio cassettes transcribed by a local girl (there was no Elance in those
days!) and then given away on one of my earliest sites. More than 12,000 people downloaded that transcript in '96. Those were record numbers back then!

And then I broke new ground. A young upstart company called Real Audio had a program to convert a sound file into an audio file that could be streamed over the "information super highway". That's what we called the Interweb back in my day.

We had skinny little tubes that pushed data into people's computers. And Rob Glazer had figured out a way to do it with sound. By the middle of '97 I had several hours of streaming audio on my site. I was a pioneer!

It was easy to rank high on Alta Vista. That's what we used to call Google back in the day. Then that Wang kid started Yahoo. I phoned him in early '96 I think to get my site listed.

When a 14 year old John Reese invented the "automatic emailer program" back in '96 we used it to send email newsletters to our friends. This autoresponder-thingy gained steam when my friend Tom launched Aweber. I was one of their first 99 customers. I've been getting royalty checks from them for a decade!

The cool thing about email back in '96 was everyone read your stuff. People got so few emails back them, we'd get like a 99% open and read rate. People would actually thank you for emailing them!
Maybe it was the steady diet of awesome TV like Friends, Seinfeld and The Simpsons.

Ah, the good old days. Internet marketing was simpler back then. We walked to school 3 miles each way, barefoot uphill in snow, and we liked it! None of this fancy flash stuff, no YouTube, no wireless, no highspeed, voice-over-Magnum-PI, pay-per-tick, mumbo-jumbo. We made our money the old fashioned way online. We made 3 page static websites and sold them for five grand a pop....

Like any goldrush, the web back in 1996 was insane. There was a lot of money to be made selling donkeys, rope, pans, eggs, picks and shovels. Back then we'd sell the map to the gold mine and hungry marketers would pay us top dollar. Today these lazy Red Bull drinking kids want the map for free, the shovel for free, and someone to dig up the gold for them for free while they sit on their ever-widening behind playing Donkey Kong on their Wii!

You young interweb whipper-snappers listen up! Anytime you feel like complaining, remember this old coots words..."You ain't got no clue how easy it is getting rich on the internet today! Now get off my lawn...."

David Ledoux is a lifelong entrepreneur, author, speaker and trainer. He is the author of the best-selling books The Road To Gold, How I Went From Welfare To Millionaire Without Winning The Lottery, and The Ultimate MLMBlueprint. His popular training programs include How To Make A Whole Lot More Than $100,000 Per Year On The Internet, BigMoneyFreeTime, A Dream Come True, and Million Dollar Secrets.

He has been featured on video, radio and has traveled globally speaking to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs on the merits of the Free Enterprise System. He was named the #1 Trainer In The World in 2000 by MLMInsider Magazine.

David retired in 2005 at the age of 37 with his wife Falia to pursue adventures in mixed martial arts, travel, writing and coaching other entrepreneurs. Davids blog is at http://didyousmellthat.com

His new small business resource site is now live at http://bigmoneyfreetime.com

Internet Marketers This Is Your Wake Up Call

Internet entrepreneur and Canadian Author David Ledoux shocked a full house on an internet marketing conference call recently when he point blank said that “93% of internet marketers fail not because they don’t buy enough training, but because they fail to hire the right virtual assistants”. More info here that you'll want to take note of.

Advanced technology now allows anyone to find highly trained people that are faster and better than you are at getting tasks completed. You can hire these people that will work for less than you are and they love to complete the work that is tedious and time consuming for you.
Instead of competing with these people hire them to work for you.

Just over a week ago an interview took place where David Ledoux talked to a high profile virtual assistant Jeryl Massini. She runs the launches and is behind much of the work that Frank Kern produces including his recent launch, Mass Control Blitz. Jeryl has been working for Frank Kern for more than 4 years and knows the blueprints behind the most successful internet marketing launches ever.

In this no holds barred interview Jeryl reveals how to hire the best virtual assistants, fire the ones that you don’t like and how to create a great working relationship with all your members. You can get the download of this podcast and the transcript in a pdf at


This podcast is for you if you are wondering how Frank Kern can run his multi-million dollar empire and launch successful businesses routinely. This will shock you!

Why a Marketing System Is Crucial For Your Success

One of the most asked questions in the network marketing industry is “how do I contact more qualified people to view my business?” The real question should be is “how can I get more qualified people to contact me about my business.” For most people this is a strange question because they have never had anyone come to them asking to get started in their business. One of the best and most effective ways to do this is through a process called Attraction Marketing. You can utilize this business system to attract high quality people to you by offering free and paid useful information on how to effectively build a home based business. This is why a marketing system is crucial for your success.

-Andrew Murphy

Stay In The MLM Game

Building an MLM business isn't going to be the easiest task that you have ever tackled and it will be different for everyone. We all come from various backgrounds and have our own set of skills that we need to bring to the table. You should always be yourself and utilize the your unique talents that you already have. Having said that, you must be open to training and learning from the best in the industry. This will be an ongoing process for as long as you are engaged in your business. If you are not learning from others than you will never grow to you full potential. Leverage yourself by using some must have tools that are available to everyone that wants a high level of success.

Highly Anticipated "Building On A Budget" Release This Thurday

Okay, Mike Dillard's Building On a Budget is finally releasing this Thursday to the public. This highly anticipated release will help each of you create 10-50 leads per day for your business for FREE! It launches at 1pm eastern, 10am pacific. You do not want to miss this because there will be incredible bonuses for everyone. This information will help anyone that is looking to create leads for their business and the tips tricks and information that you receive in the future will help you grow your business and help train your down line almost effortlessly. Here's to growing your business to new levels!

Andrew Murphy

Don't Judge Too Quickly

Kind of like some people's first impression of network marketing or MLM. Get the facts from someone that is growing a successful business not from people that were once in Amway.

A Little Inspiration For Your Success

For anyone building a Network Marketing business or for any venture in life just remember that there are people in this world that overcome adversity all the time. This man Tony Melendez is a prime example of real achievement. He has passion and desire which is exactly what you need to be great and move on in your life and your business. I hope you take something from this and it gives you something to think about.

Andrew Murphy

How You Can Work From Home

How you can work from home. See how you can take advantage of this growing trend. Build a professional website without technical knowledge or computer expertise. If you have a hobby or interest in something, then you can make money and bring home the bacon. This is a growing trend but there are still people that are in the dark when it comes to the internet, making money, and home businesses so hopefully this link will help. If you're on the fence this will push you over to "where the grass is greener."

Are Credibility Issues Preventing Your Success?

Most People that start a network marketing business are excited about a new venture and the possibilities that lie ahead. Then all of a sudden they realize that they will be judged by their friends,family and coworkers because of their past failures. Oh, this can be crippling for a new person because their "loved" ones laugh and mock the latest venture. Don't get swayed or discouraged by them. Stick to your guns! For the people that fall into this mindset about their lack of credibility all you have to do is pickup the phone and call your upline. Use them and their credibility to ease your pain. Put prospects and new people on 3 way calls with your upline. Use conference calls to plug them in because this will help leverage your time. Finally, Take action and assume responsibility for your success!

Building On A Budget? Home Business Must Haves To Stand Out This Year

Mike Dillard, Creator of Magnetic Sponsoring is launching a new product at the end of February. Mike's current system helps tens of thousands of Network Marketing and Home Business owners create unlimited leads online by what is known as a funded proposal. You can't go wrong when you buy the system for $39 bucks (cheap)and what you get in return will completely change your business forever. Even if you don't purchase the system you can still join the info packed community where professional network marketers share their most secret tricks and tips to build massive organizations. It works for me.

Mike the "genius" takes it one step further with his new Monster called
"Building On a Budget". This new product is for anyone that is building their business on a budget. It will teach you the fastest and cheapest ways to build your business using the latest internet marketing techniques!Do yourself a favor or share this with someone you know Go signup now so you can take advantage of this program and get the free videos. It officially launches on February 28th.

There Are Two Types Of People In This World

There will come a time in your life when you will sit back and think about all things you did or didn't do. Most people go through life fairly unfulfilled and never reach their full potential and have regrets later in life. For some people it is not getting to the gym and their health deteriorates or not telling a loved one that they mean the world to them. How about not starting a business they had always wanted because the fear of failure is greater than the task at hand. The list goes on and on...

There are two types of people in this world. Those that take the bull by the horns and live life to the fullest and those that wish they could but never do.

What type of person are you?

What If Gene Simmons Was Part Of Your Business?

He really is the master marketer. Gene Simmons displays his marketing expertise and gets people with open wallets to purchase a $5000 hot dog. *make sure you're keeping a contact list that contains people with influence. In network marketing, never ever look for people that don't have a "desire" to win. How would you like Gene Simmons as part of your business?

Building Your MLM Is Only 3 Feet Away

There are many methods to building a successful MLM business and part of that process is only 3 feet away from you. Yes, your computer! Do you realize that there are many free tools that you can utilize to increase your sponsoring and training for your downline. I am not talking about your company functions and calls (which you should use also)but there are people such as the number industry trainer Todd Falcone that holds free calls on Monday nights or Ty Tribble that is a internet marketing expert and six figure income earner. There are many people and resources that you have access to any time you want. You can best leverage yourself and your group when you get them involved in utilizing these tools. For me they are extremely helpful and why would you not use what is available to you?

Hot Social Network Sites = Traffic

Everyone and their dog are now writing articles and are trying to get traffic back to their sites with little or limited success. There are many tools available now to assist us in our marketing efforts (hence why most of us are here now). I have a very useful and time saving tool that will help you get those links back to your site to help improve your exposure. When ever you write a quality post or article (of course they are always of the highest quality) then you want to make use of a site called Social Marker. What this site does is post your info or article to about 32 of the most popular social networking sites giving you some pretty good exposure and link backs. It is a free service but you will have to spend some time at first setting this up because you have to visit each of the 32 social sites and register with them. After that you’re all setup and ready to start posting your quality information to Social Marker and it will only take you 15-20 minutes to expose your work to 32 sites. Let me know what you think.

Opening The Prospecting Flood Gate For Network Marketers

Normally if a flood gate is opened a warning siren goes off and people in the immediate area are told to leave and get out of the way for obvious reasons. A wall of water containing millions of gallons could be a huge threat to a person if they were in the path of it. So what does this have to do with network marketing? Well, when you consider the fact that most network marketing or mlm home based business fail it’s due to lack of results. Why is that? Quite simply, they lack proper training or have no business or marketing experience whatsoever. They don’t have a flood gate open to get thousands of people looking at their business opportunity. A flood gate of people in network marketing is the best thing that can happen for you, your business and your downline.

There are a number of things that you can do to dramatically increase your sponsoring results and have people coming to you with their credit card burning a hole in their hand ready to buy what you have. You see when you have insider information on how to really build a network marketing business unlike 95% of the population then you are already ahead of the game. The secrets of building large profitable organizations have been guarded by so called gurus for years but they are now available for anyone to implement. Here is one secret that I will tell you right now, and this will come as a shock to most people that read this. When you boast about your primary opportunity and use language such as “This business is a ground floor opportunity and is the hottest business world wide”, or “We have the best, most lucrative compensation plan in the industry and our products are scientifically advanced with a money back guarantee”, “This business opportunity is for everyone, no experience necessary even a caveman could build it and make$10,000 month!” This type of language is used all the time and you have seen it, read it and have ignored it in disbelief anyway. This type of hype and false advertising doesn’t bring prospects into your business or sell products for you. Honestly, the last thing that anyone is looking for is another “opportunity or network marketing business”. Red flags start to go up and people get turned off. What people want are not business opportunities but solutions to a particular problem they have. Provide information to people so they can make up their own mind. People want to know how to attract prospects to them and how to make more money and how to learn to be more outgoing. This is providing solutions for people because that is what they crave. Brand yourself as a solution provider and your business will grow beyond your expectations.

Another problem for many network marketers is that they quickly go broke trying to make flyers and sizzle cards and spending loads of money on leads. When the results come in they are ready to throw in the towel and quit. I can’t blame them because I have been there myself. The problem is that they don’t know how to advertise and market and when they do they are marketing their opportunity in desperation. People don’t join others that are desperate they join people that are confident and add value. If you want to open the flood gate and get more qualified prospects for your business create value and become a solution provider.

Aloe Vera's Benefits Go Way Beyond Treating Burns

Aloe Vera has always been used for its soothing properties and topical applications for burns and wounds and skin care. However, it has become increasingly recognized for its internal uses for boosting immune system function, helping with digestion, regulating blood sugar levels and enhancing the bioavailability of vitamins C, E, B12 and the ORAC capacity of blood plasma.

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