Internet Marketers This Is Your Wake Up Call

Internet entrepreneur and Canadian Author David Ledoux shocked a full house on an internet marketing conference call recently when he point blank said that “93% of internet marketers fail not because they don’t buy enough training, but because they fail to hire the right virtual assistants”. More info here that you'll want to take note of.

Advanced technology now allows anyone to find highly trained people that are faster and better than you are at getting tasks completed. You can hire these people that will work for less than you are and they love to complete the work that is tedious and time consuming for you.
Instead of competing with these people hire them to work for you.

Just over a week ago an interview took place where David Ledoux talked to a high profile virtual assistant Jeryl Massini. She runs the launches and is behind much of the work that Frank Kern produces including his recent launch, Mass Control Blitz. Jeryl has been working for Frank Kern for more than 4 years and knows the blueprints behind the most successful internet marketing launches ever.

In this no holds barred interview Jeryl reveals how to hire the best virtual assistants, fire the ones that you don’t like and how to create a great working relationship with all your members. You can get the download of this podcast and the transcript in a pdf at

This podcast is for you if you are wondering how Frank Kern can run his multi-million dollar empire and launch successful businesses routinely. This will shock you!

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