Opening The Prospecting Flood Gate For Network Marketers

Normally if a flood gate is opened a warning siren goes off and people in the immediate area are told to leave and get out of the way for obvious reasons. A wall of water containing millions of gallons could be a huge threat to a person if they were in the path of it. So what does this have to do with network marketing? Well, when you consider the fact that most network marketing or mlm home based business fail it’s due to lack of results. Why is that? Quite simply, they lack proper training or have no business or marketing experience whatsoever. They don’t have a flood gate open to get thousands of people looking at their business opportunity. A flood gate of people in network marketing is the best thing that can happen for you, your business and your downline.

There are a number of things that you can do to dramatically increase your sponsoring results and have people coming to you with their credit card burning a hole in their hand ready to buy what you have. You see when you have insider information on how to really build a network marketing business unlike 95% of the population then you are already ahead of the game. The secrets of building large profitable organizations have been guarded by so called gurus for years but they are now available for anyone to implement. Here is one secret that I will tell you right now, and this will come as a shock to most people that read this. When you boast about your primary opportunity and use language such as “This business is a ground floor opportunity and is the hottest business world wide”, or “We have the best, most lucrative compensation plan in the industry and our products are scientifically advanced with a money back guarantee”, “This business opportunity is for everyone, no experience necessary even a caveman could build it and make$10,000 month!” This type of language is used all the time and you have seen it, read it and have ignored it in disbelief anyway. This type of hype and false advertising doesn’t bring prospects into your business or sell products for you. Honestly, the last thing that anyone is looking for is another “opportunity or network marketing business”. Red flags start to go up and people get turned off. What people want are not business opportunities but solutions to a particular problem they have. Provide information to people so they can make up their own mind. People want to know how to attract prospects to them and how to make more money and how to learn to be more outgoing. This is providing solutions for people because that is what they crave. Brand yourself as a solution provider and your business will grow beyond your expectations.

Another problem for many network marketers is that they quickly go broke trying to make flyers and sizzle cards and spending loads of money on leads. When the results come in they are ready to throw in the towel and quit. I can’t blame them because I have been there myself. The problem is that they don’t know how to advertise and market and when they do they are marketing their opportunity in desperation. People don’t join others that are desperate they join people that are confident and add value. If you want to open the flood gate and get more qualified prospects for your business create value and become a solution provider.

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