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Everyone and their dog are now writing articles and are trying to get traffic back to their sites with little or limited success. There are many tools available now to assist us in our marketing efforts (hence why most of us are here now). I have a very useful and time saving tool that will help you get those links back to your site to help improve your exposure. When ever you write a quality post or article (of course they are always of the highest quality) then you want to make use of a site called Social Marker. What this site does is post your info or article to about 32 of the most popular social networking sites giving you some pretty good exposure and link backs. It is a free service but you will have to spend some time at first setting this up because you have to visit each of the 32 social sites and register with them. After that you’re all setup and ready to start posting your quality information to Social Marker and it will only take you 15-20 minutes to expose your work to 32 sites. Let me know what you think.


Ronald Lee said...

Hi Andrew

Looks like everyone is into blogging, and thus blogging itself is a hot topic. Blogs that talks about making money, driving traffic, SEO and all that are related to blogging are getting very high ranking and are making the money. I am sure you'll agree. Cheers.

DD of A Better Childhood said...

the time required to register (sign up) but you are accurate in your time estimate. the rewards are fabulous and well worth the initial efforts.


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