ABC News: Suzanne Somers Super Sales Woman?

Has Somers Found the Fountain of Youth or Is It All a Scam?


Feb. 16, 2007 — Suzanne Somers first came into our living rooms as the slightly addled sweetheart of the 1970's hit sitcom "Three's Company." Three decades later, Somers is a super saleswoman on a different stage, peddling more than 1,000 different products everywhere from the Home Shopping Network to her own Web site.

And Somers is now pitching her most dramatic promise yet: a treatment she said is the fountain of youth for us all.

The benefits of that treatment are the focus of her 16th book, a best-seller called "Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones."
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Somers insists in her book that the bioidentical versions of the hormones not only don't have those risks, they'll actually provide protection against those diseases. "It's the greatest protection against cancer," she said. "So, is it a cure for cancer? No. But is it a protective? Absolutely."

Here we go again about product claims. Do not make outrageous product claims (or income claims for that matter). Can you believe Suzanne Somers actually said "It's the greatest protection against cancer."

Just remember what Kim Klaver's motto is and it will help keep you out of trouble:

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