Do You Contact People You Work With?

This is a tough decision and probably depends on the type of work you do and the people around you. As a rule I don't think it's a good idea unless its away from work or at lunch and that may depend on the people you are with. So poses a few questions then:
Do you email the people you work with while at work about your business?
Is it better to email from home on your time?
It is more acceptable to present only your product to them at work?
Do you directly ask them for a referral for your XYZ product without directly asking them if they would be interested?


Tom said...

Hi Andrew, I got one for you.
This morning when I was going through my helloWorld mailbox, I came across an email from a CV database company with over 400,000 CVs registered. They are giving me a free trial for a couple of hours to download up to 250 CVs. It says no home-based businesses allowed though.

Would you still get in there to have a peek, and get a couple of CVs from some potential heavy hitters?

Tom said...

Sorry, forgot to answer your original question. I have done it at work and I don't recommend it. Maybe with colleagues when your having a beer after working hours or so. The thing is some will be fine with it and some will start treating you like you have a disease.

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