Don't Get Caught With Your Pants Down!

Everyone that makes a decision to start a network marketing business should have specific reasons or (a hot button) as to why they are doing it. This might not always be about money as some people just want to have a business of their own and control their destiny. 95% of folks have no business or marketing experience at all and face an uphill battle if they don't learn about the company they are involved with. In other words "don't get caught with your pants down" if you are trying to contact someone about your business. They will want answers and will expect to talk to someone that is confident and knowledgeable. Take the time to learn about your company and then learn to market and become a solution provider.

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patkagmak said...

I totally agree with. One must be passionate the company, you to know what you are dealing with relative to productive. Once these ducks are in a row, well it is called netWORK MARKETING for a reason, You have to market, you must learn the principles of marketing. Well has it been said, Finacial Freedom is not an event, it is a skill and I am glad that I have learned the skills, and have the ability to generate my own leads but more importantly connecting with the people,

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