What is a Lead Capture Page? Why Should You Have One?

Carl Sorensen

A lead capture page could be considered any website that allows your visitor to enter their contact information to request more information on your product or opportunity.

Rather than have your visitor rifle through your entire affiliate site reading through pages and pages of information a lead capture page is designed to be simple yet deliver a very direct message about your business opportunity or products.

When you put forth too much information to a website visitor in the wrong fashion you will scare them off the moment they arrive at your site. You are simply providing them with too much information on your site when they haven't even really asked to even see it yet.

When you tease your visitors with a lead capture page we give them one course of action to take.

If they are interested in your product or opportunity they will surely submit their information through the lead capture page. When this occurs the prospects details will be delivered to you in real-time.

You will have a fresh, qualified lead for your specific program. At the same time the prospect will be re-directed to a website of your choosing. You can have them re-directed to either your affiliate site, online presentation or thank you page.

You already possess their contact information so at this point in time it really doesn't matter where they go. You can follow up with them at your leisure.

This is building your own personal list at it's finest.

Not only that but you will be collecting names and contact information from people who are actually interested in your specific business.

You cannot go out and buy leads like this, the only way to get them is to use a lead capture page and generate them yourself.

Why spend $100's or $1000's on leads when you could spend that same money on advertising your lead capture page and generating the best prospects money can buy for a price that any network marketer could afford. EZLeadCapture Basic Membership">source Carl Sorensen

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