Another Way The Rich Differ: They're Online Longer

by Adrienne W. Fawcett, Thursday, Mar 8, 2007 5:00 AM ET

IN ADDITION TO BEING WEALTHIER, thinner and having better handbags than everyone else, affluent Americans spend more time on the Internet.

And when they're online, they're searching instead of surfing.

According to a study on affluence and online activity by JupiterResearch, Americans with annual household income over $100,000 spend a median of 17 hours a week online, compared with 14 hours for everyone else. They also are more aware of advertising and are more active online.

A good chunk of their Internet time is focused on business rather than pleasure--including such functions as online banking, bill payment, stock trading and media engagement. The study found that 20% of affluent people visit Web sites dedicated to business compared with 11% of other folks, and 37% of affluent people did research for work online, compared with 27% of non-affluents.

Because the affluent are so focused on searching for information, most display ads don't work on this important demographic. "If you're marketing to affluents, it should be about search advertising and giving people resources so they can find information online rather than banner ads and pop-up ads," said Mark Best, analyst with JupiterResearch.

Another Way The Rich Differ: They're Online Longer

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