Vancouver Back To Rain

In a previous post I mentioned that Vancouver is having a heat wave. Well I guess I spoke too soon because now we are back to rain and grey days. This is summer?
I have grown up in the Vancouver area and have been here my whole life and I am wondering why do we stay here? Why do people flock here? I am bound to get some flack over this post but really, what makes this city soooo great that lands it in one of the most livable cities in the world? Certainly not the weather, the expensive housing? People don't seem as friendly as they used to either? Traffic jams, yeah that's it. A large city like Vancouver whose main highway doesn't even go downtown (can you actually call the #1 a highway)? Don't get me wrong I do like living here but why do fellow Vancouverites defend this city like its the only place in the world to live? The WET COAST!

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