How Do I Fund My Network Marketing Business?

If you get involved in a home based business or Network Marketing there is a good chance that when you become involved you were excited and thought that you would be making a financial killing by now. Sound familiar? You were probably misinformed. Here is what I mean: Your sponsor told you you would be financially free 2-5 years,get the biggest business package available and you will get your money back 10 fold in a few weeks, the product sells itself, just use word of mouth etc....

First of all don't believe any of that hype and BS because it's exactly that, BS.
Here is what you were not told: You should treat this like a regular business and come up with an advertising campaign and have a monthly advertising budget. You do need funds to effectively advertise your business just like any other traditional business. Did you know this? Fortunately there is a way for you to build up monthly funds so you can have an ongoing stream of cashflow and then use it fund your business advertising. If you are interested, download this FREE ebook, read it and then utilize the Renegade Network Marketer System.
There is some reading involved so this will weed out people that are serious and those who aren't. Just remember good things come to those that are PATIENT and take the time to gather all the information.

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