Keeping It Real

Today's market is very skeptical with business opportunities popping up everywhere claiming they are the hottest business startup, ground floor opportunity, make $ 10,000 a month like John Smith (if he can do it anyone can do it). These claims are phony full of hype and are not the real facts. There is nothing wrong with a little sizzle when advertising your business but please KEEP IT REAL AND HONEST. The fact is that it will take work, some money, and open mind, being teachable and learning the ropes. Find out what kind of money or lifestyle you want to have and set out a plan to get there. If you want a few hundred dollars a month or a few thousand a month, plan it out and see how much you have to sell to get there. An important point to remember is your mindset. If you are in network marketing (MLM) to make money than treat it like a multi-million dollar business or any other business. Too many people don't fully realize what they have their hands on and treat it like a side thing they are doing. Believe in what you are doing, believe in yourself and never,never,never give up!


karenlim said...

Yes never give up
But we need to work smart too.
Sometimes when things get tougher,
ask what do we need to change.

One of the most critical way to succeed in MLM is to ensure you win in your mind already.

Being able to visualize your success will ensure that you have a chance to succeed in your business.

My problem is I can't visualized that well but I found a solution recently. I am plugging into a sound wave music that helps me to increase my focus and visualization.

Within 3 weeks , I got my vision board producing results. cool man!

the creator of this pdt is stephen pierce. You can see how visualization make such a great difference in his life and one big thing he did to become a multi millionair:-

Tim Draayer said...

Its great to hear there are still some people in the industry who talk about being real and sharing the facts, not just hyping people.

Thanks for this.

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