Need some help

I could use some help from everyone out there. I am trying to get exposure to my blog. Does any one else feel that they are just writing to themselves? Any tips would be appreciated.


Kim Klaver said...


What I have found is that if you write about things that either educate and entertain people, they will come.

Most blogs work best when they're not primarily ads for the writer or his/her company.

Pick a topic you enjoy, that has relevance to people doing NM, and perhaps readers will come.

Do you have a newsletter?

Andrew said...

I can't believe the my first response is from Kim Klaver! For all who see this please make sure you check out Kim Klaver's blog as she is a fountain of great info. I don't have a news letter,yet. I appreciate your input, thank you.

Kim Klaver said...


My blog link is here:

Keep on keeping on, Andrew!

HD_Wanderer said...

Just writing to myself... Not quite, but close.

Commenting on other blogs helps. Joining or creating a community of people who write on similar themes helps. Being funny and or interesting is very big. Good luck.

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